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Looking for a removalist who cares about your goods as much as you care about them yourself? Look no further than TLC Transport and Removalist – we’re interstate removalists and removalists Brisbane!

TLC Transport and Removalist is a family owned and operated company with professionally trained and accredited staff. We’re expert furniture removalists Brisbane, which means you get the job done quickly and cost effectively, with minimal fuss and maximum care. Find out more about us and our local and interstate furniture removals expertise.

Packing Materials

Planning a move but don’t know where to start? We recommend you equip yourself with the right packing materials and start packing, even if you don’t know the exact date of your furniture removal .

When it comes to packing – whether you’re relocating your home or office – it pays to get everything you need before you begin. TLC Transport and Removalist has a long list of items that you can use to pack and protect your goods, whether you’re moving them around the corner or around the world.

We can supply and deliver the following quality packing materials. We’ll buy back cartons, robes and protectors that in are good condition after you’ve completed your move and unpacked.

We can supply:

Suitable for:

Tea chests and standard cartons

Light items such as linen and toys

Book and wine cartons

Books, wine and other alcohol, CDs and DVDs, crockery and other breakables

Picture cartons

Paintings and pictures, flat screen televisions

Portable robes


Mattress, couch and furniture protectors

For keeping items clean and free from damage/tears/dints/scratches

Butchers paper

For wrapping items prior to their placement in cartons

Bubble wrap

For providing extra protection to fragile and precious items

Permanent marker pens

For marking cartons

Heavy-duty packing tape

For sealing cartons

You’ll find all of our prices are very competitive. Save yourself the trouble of running from store to store to find everything you need. Forget asking your local supermarket to ‘save’ you their empty boxes. Get all of you packing materials from TLC Transport and Removalist.

Prefer to leave the packing to someone else? Use our pre-packing service and you won’t need to lift a finger. Find out more about us and our furniture removal services. Allow us to answer your FAQs .

TLC Transport and Removalist – your one-stop shop for quality packing materials.

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